Anonymous asked:

Much love and a question from a Canadian follower. Up here we have a magazine cap for semi auto pistols and rifles. It's 5rds for a rifle and 10rdd for pistols. Gun owners have a few loopholes to get around these capacity limits like putting magazines stamped as pistol mags in our rifles or using 50 Beowulf mags in our 556/223 ARs (a 5rd Beowulf mag can hold about 14rds of 556). So I was wondering if Cali gun owners have any trick of there own to get past your magazine caps.

coffeeandspentbrass answered:

Well it used to be that if we “rebuilt” a 10rd mag into a 30 round mag we could keep it. Or if you bought a 30 round mag in pieces and put it back together yourself you could keep it. That loophole has been closed, sadly. 

Nice try… The way I understand things that was never so. If you owned a “high/large” cap mag pre ban you can rebuilt that mag using new parts but ‘causing to exist’ a new “high/large” capacity mag was never (post ban) legal. Those “rebuild-kits” that are now illegal was for building compliant mags CA 10 rnds. I think the ban came in effect in 1999.